AlpenCams 4.2 now available

AlpenCams 4.2 is now available for iPhone and iPad. Download it in the App Store. This new update includes a lot of nice features, like;

AlpenCams 4.2

3D Touch Support!

– “Peek” and “Pop” for viewing webcams from the webcam, trending and favorites list.

Other small improvements.

AlpenCams 4.1

– You can now sort the resort and webcam list on the webcam count and alphabetically.

– If you share a webcam more details about the webcam are now shown.

– Improved the loading notification accuracy when loading a webcam.

– Trending is now automatically refreshed 10 minutes after the last load for better accuracy of the trending list.
– Improved loading webcams in the Today Widget.

– Fixed a crash when tapping on the Action Button in Map View (iPad).

– Fixed the initial map position when viewing webcams on the map.

– Fixed the display of the users location on the map.

– Fixed a bug where in rare occasions it was not possible to load a webcam.

– Fixed a bug where in rare occasions a crash occured after loading a webcam.

– Fixed a bug when adding a webcam to your favorites from the Trending list and Maps view.