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Fernpass is again largely open after days of closure

The Fern Pass is one of the most important (and busiest) roads in Austria and was closed for all traffic since Saturday. During the extreme snowfall of the past week, the road was no longer free for traffic and the road was closed at various places, such as near the tunnel in Lermoos. An overview of the past few days:

Extreme snowfall and road congestion

It was already predicted this week: extreme snowfall especially in Austria. Since yesterday it has started to snow hard and in some places more than one meter may fall. Together with a travel day (Saturday) this can cause extreme crowds and road closures. In this live blog we keep you informed of the latest developments!

The Christmas holiday is about to begin!

The first ski areas are open again and that means that for many people the ski holiday is about to start! The Christmas holiday is for many people the first (and then often the only) ski holiday and it is traditionally very busy. In recent years it has been very often exciting whether enough snow has fallen and sometimes that was unfortunately not the case. But in the meantime, many places already have a good layer of snow! An overview of various webcams:

The first snow of the season has fallen!

It is almost December already and that means that the new ski season for the most ski areas is on the doorstep. There has not been a big snow dump yet but the first snow has already fallen! Especially the South Alps have hit it with a lot of snow. The Northern Alps have to wait a while before the big dump. The coming days will be real Südstau days with a lot of snow for the southern French Alps. An overview with webcams from various places: